Peter C Whitaker
Author and Lover of Life

© 2021 Peter C Whitaker

Mesozoic is a time travelling dinosaur adventure!

In our future, the Earth has gone through a massive ecological disaster. Civilisation as we know it today has collapsed. Survivors have founded a new civilisation, one based on resource management and with a sensitivity to the greater environment.

Dr Eva Kiesler, famous first, for being a beautiful movie star, and second as a scientist who developed an efficient means of extracting hydrogen as a fuel source, is the leader elect of the new society; the Oasis. Her one wish before taking up office is to see a dinosaur for real.

Eva joins Dr Twilight’s Palaeontological Field Time Unit, the PFTU, and together they travel back to the Triassic Period. The PFTU study how life survives mass extinction events in order to help the Oasis avoid another ecological disaster.

The presence of Eva triggers a tragic series of events, however. A murder is committed and the man responsible is intent on stranding her and the PFTU in the age of the dinosaurs.

He has to destroy the remaining time travel stations in the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods to do this. Together, Eva and the PFTU race across a prehistoric landscape and brave encounters with fantastic but dangerous animals. In their midst is a traitor, just waiting to strike at an opportune moment. The Oasis is not the only human settlement to survive, remnants of the old way of living have also, and their agent sees a chance to remove a dangerous foe to his people.

A fast paced thriller unfolds enriched with scientific accuracy, an attention to detail, and a little humour!