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“The United Kingdom escaped eugenics laws by the skin of its teeth.”

Russell Sparkes.

The Enemy of Eugenics. 1999.

“But what if it hadn’t?”

Peter C Whitaker.

Eugenica is a dark dystopian novel that examines what might have happened if the UK government had adopted Eugenics as a basis for its health policies in 1932, as many had expected it to do.

In an alternate history Grace, a girl with one hand and one leg, and Tom, a blind boy of mixed race, must escape from Spring Bank if they are to survive. Pursued by government agents and a eugenic superman, they are helped by a small but determined band of opponents to eugenics known as the Indivisibles.

While Grace and Tom suffer the real consequences of the application of eugenics, Brinley Valentine Husher, Secretary of State for Social Biology, hosts an International Congress of Eugenics on board Britain’s newest airship; the R102.

Attended dignitaries, such as Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw, and H. G. Wells, the improvement of humanity through the practical application of eugenics is discussed at length.

With her feet on the ground the beautiful Helene Monroe seeks to recapture Grace before a terrible secret is revealed to the world. Monroe sets ministry agents to recapture Grace, Tom, and their friends, but the young people discover that they are not quite alone in their struggle. What follows is a harrowing tale and an emotional roller-coaster of an adventure in a nightmare world that could very nearly have been if eugenics had attained the supremacy many dreamed that it would.