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“Hence Heardred’s end. For shelter he gave them, sword-death came, the blade’s fell blow, to bairn of Hygelac.” – Beowulf

King Harold resides in York, celebrating his great victory, while in the south Duke Guillaume of Normandy finally invades. Harold calls all the Saxon warriors to his banner. Coenred had sworn never to leave Mildryth again, but she cannot hold him to that promise when their world is threatened. With her sad blessing he heads south to fight once more beside his king.

Duke Guillaume is not in a strong position. He does not know where Harold is and winter is closing. His plan is to initiate a fight and decide the matter quickly. At Sentlache Ridge, near Hastings, King Harold forms a shield-wall. The Normans throw themselves against it but cannot break the Saxon defence. All that day the two sides fight and the hill runs with the blood on many slain men.

On 14th October, 1066, the fate of the Saxons will be decided at the last great battle of that year.

I am a Medieval Historian who is currently working with PBS and the English Heritage Society to study the events leading up to Hastings. I admire you for tackling a hard subject with little primary source documents available to us. You write in a manner that everyone can enjoy, and don’t ever change your style. The passion of every historian is the ability to communicate an idea, not to look like you’ve been in school for the past 30 years writing papers for other professors!

All the Best,

Robert Bluestein