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“Some with the morrow his sword should kill, some should go to the gallows-tree for rapture of ravens.” - Beowulf

Coenred leads the remnants of the Saxon army to Tadcaster, leaving Mildryth still in York, now captured by the enemy. His lords, Edwin and Morcar have fled to Durham.

King Harold of England flies north to save his kingdom. He meets with Coenred, and together they set about recovering the city before marching to Stamford Bridge. At that place King Hardrada and his ally Tostig wait to receive the supplicant men of York.

On 25th September, 1066, the second great battle is fought between the largest Norse army to invade England and the greatest Saxon force to ever meet them in combat. It is a clash of kings that will see many die, Mildryth hopes that the man she has come to love is not one of them.

I am a Medieval Historian who is currently working with PBS and the English Heritage Society to study the events leading up to Hastings. I admire you for tackling a hard subject with little primary source documents available to us. You write in a manner that everyone can enjoy, and don’t ever change your style. The passion of every historian is the ability to communicate an idea, not to look like you’ve been in school for the past 30 years writing papers for other professors!

All the Best,

Robert Bluestein