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“War-wolf horrid, at Heorot found a warrior watching and waiting the fray”– Beowulf

Coenred, Captain of Huscarls, thinks of hanging up his sword and retiring to his estate, but then comes King Harald Hardrada of Norway, the War Wolf of Legend. A man of honour, Coenred cannot abandon his brother warriors in their time of need.

Spurning their Captain’s advice the brothers, Eorl Edwin of Mercia, and Eorl Morcar of Northumbria, choose to fight at Fulford Gate before the walls of York.

Mildryth, a young widow, has sought protection from Coenred fearing the return of her husband’s murderer, Tostig Godwinson, brother to King Harold of England. Tostig is now an ally of their ancient enemy, the Vikings.

On 20th September, 1066, the first great battle of the year begins and it will threaten not only the King of England, but the entire world of the Anglo-Saxons themselves

I am a Medieval Historian who is currently working with PBS and the English Heritage Society to study the events leading up to Hastings. I admire you for tackling a hard subject with little primary source documents available to us. You write in a manner that everyone can enjoy, and don’t ever change your style. The passion of every historian is the ability to communicate an idea, not to look like you’ve been in school for the past 30 years writing papers for other professors!

All the Best,

Robert Bluestein