Peter C Whitaker
Author and Lover of Life

© 2021 Peter C Whitaker

The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom is an epic fantasy with a Napoleonic twist.

For 5,000 years there has been a kingdom on the Holy Mountain of Oroson. The Old People, the ones who founded and ruled it, used an arcane magick to build gates that allowed passage from one side of the continent to another. Mt. Oroson is the largest mountain in the world and the spurs that reach out from its base effectively divide the continent. No one knows how the Old People worked their magick, but without it the other great kingdoms could not thrive.

The New People came to the Holy Mountain during a time of upheaval. The Old People ceded their kingdom to them, taking for themselves only a sacred cave into which they retired to dwell.

1,000 years later and Princess Saran is the last of her dynasty. Her father, the King of the Mountain Kingdom, lies on his deathbed. She is young and lives in an age where women are not allowed to hold positions of authority, but she would be the first Queen of Oroson.

Against Princess Saran stands the foppish Heir Presumptive, Paremi Kun. He is supported by the High Priest of the Holy Church of Oroson, a man who abhors the idea of any woman standing in authority over him. There are few who do not

agree with him, but counted in their number are the Orosies, an outlawed and exiled order of Priestesses, women who once pacticed their religion 500 years ago and who now hide in the shadows. They have warriors in their ranks, the Shades, and they are deadly opponents of the church.

A foreign power has sent agents to arrange with a traitor an invasion of the Mountain Kingdom, even now their army, complete with a siege train, advances on Cirrius, the capital city.

Risdun Hak, a returned emigre, a mercenary, is employed by Princess Saran to return the once noble Royal Guard to its former station. He has with him Eiji Tunshi, a black man taken north as a slave in his youth, now looking to return home once he has repaid his debt to his friend. Their timing is unfortunate, the Old People have returned to reclaim their kingdom and they are ready to use their magick to succeed. Also, a monster stalks the streets of the city, killing at will.

Spies plot, assassins strike, monsters prowl, and armies clash. Above them a powerful Sorceress seeks revenge against the Old Ones for the murder of her brother. None know if she will prove a friend or a foe. Princess Saran will hazard them all to become the first Queen of the Mountain Kingdom.