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Eugenica is an alternate history adventure set in 1932. British Prime Minister Ramsey MacDonald won the 1931 General Election because of the support given to him by the British Eugenics Society, the cost of that support is the creation of the Ministry of Social Biology (MoSB). Brinley Valentine Husher, the newly appointed Minister for Social Biology, vows to improve the health of the nation along eugenic principles. His new facility at Spring Bank, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, opens to take into care the feeble-minded, the dissolute, the deformed of body and mind, from private and charitable hospitals. Leaving the daily running of Spring Bank to his more than able deputy, Helene Monroe, Husher takes to the skies to hosts an Extraordinary Eugenics Congress aboard the new R102 airship to promote his new ministry and to push Britain to the forefront of eugenics.

For Grace Fielding and Thomas Morrow, the reality of Spring Bank and the MoSB is the threat of enforced euthanasia. They are the young disabled, newly arrived in a facility that is already turning inhuman, and they are attracting the vicious attention of the Red Band trustees; if the Red Bands do not kill them then the dysgenic policies of the MoSB surely will!

There is a secret war being fought in Britain, however. It is being waged between the Verdure, a shadowy cabal of wealth and political power, and the Indivisibles, a disparate group of individuals opposed to eugenics. Grace, Tom, and their friends become unwitting pawns in this unknown war, racing by car, by train, and by aeroplane across the country to keep one step ahead of their enemies. For Tom, it is a fight for life but for Grace, it is a struggle to discover who she really is and why she is being pursued so resolutely by the beautiful face of the MoSB; Helene Monroe.

As the R102 airship crosses and re-crosses the Atlantic, flying from Britain to America to Germany and back to Britain again, a war erupts in the English countryside. Doc Hunter, a eugenic superman, challenges the Indivisibles. Dr Mardling uses the unfortunates incarcerated in Spring Bank to conduct human experiments in an attempt to create a Titan Soldier. Grace Fielding, born with only one hand and one leg, abandoned at birth and alone in the world finds herself pitted against a government ministry and the agents of the Verdure and all she has to call upon is her one true friend, a blind boy born of mixed parents.

Eugenica is the nightmare that eugenics gives rise to when the principles of a false science become government policy.

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To set the mood here’s a recording of the song ‘Got a Date with an Angel’ that is a favourite of Captain Falconer, late of the Yorkshire Regiment, and a key character in Eugenica

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