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The Sorrow Song Trilogy

“Hence Heardred’s end. For shelter he gave them, sword-death came, the blade’s fell blow, to bairn of Hygelac.” – Beowulf.

In the wake of the Battle of Stamford Bridge Coenred and Mildryth dream of a new life together, at last, in a kingdom now at peace. The War Wolf lies dead, defeated by King Harold of England and of Wessex. Summer slips into autumn, the harvest is brought home, and the Saxons prepare to face a long, cold winter huddled around their warm hearths.

Guillaume of Normandy has set sail, however, with a Norman army to finally lay claim to the crown that he needs to resist the many enemies that threaten the borders of his duchy. He is unaware that King Harold resides in the north, re-establishing his authority in Northumbria, resting his tired army, and believing that he has saved his throne.

The Normans commit outrages against the people of the south and the news speeds quickly to York. King Harold calls Saxon swords to his banner, he invites the men of the north to respond as their brothers from the south did when the Vikings invaded Northumbria; but so soon after the battle, so few respond, so few can.

Torn between his love for Mildryth and his honour as a huscarl Coenred has to make a fateful decision; whether to retire to the Isle of Holderness and hang up his sword, or follow his king and stand beside the hoary apple tree at Sentlache Ridge near Hastings facing a new enemy.

It was the noble heart that she found in her protector that inspired Mildryth to love again when she had thought all happiness had been taken from her life at the point of a sword. That fear may still come true but her spirit is too strong, her love too real, for her to ask Coenred to shy away from the danger that threatens all of them just for her sake.

As the last of the great Saxon warriors follow the King of England’s banner as he marches south Wulfhere, the captured thief and accused murderer, flees justice to wreak his revenge on Mildryth, the witch who has cursed him with foul luck since their paths have crossed. With his gang of cutthroats, he will end her life and her curse.

So it is that the Sorrowsong Trilogy clashes to an end with The Blades Fell Blow!

The Blade’s Fell Blow

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The Blade’s Fell Blow

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