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Peter C Whitaker

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Mesozoic, a time-travel dinosaur adventure.

Scientists from our future travel back in time to study how life survives mass extinction events. The human race has barely survived the most recent occurrence, referred to as the ‘Collapse’ by the survivors. The civilisation that we know has gone. Large cities like London, New York, and Tokyo no longer exist. Money and party politics have also gone. A new civilisation has arisen, one founded on science and reason, the Oasis.

Dr Eva Kiesler, the next leader of the new civilisation, has a wish to see dinosaurs for real. Before taking up her office she travels to the beginning of the Mesozoic Period with members of the Palaeontological Field Time Unit. However, they are almost trapped in the Triassic Period when a murderer strikes. The murderer’s aim is to strand Eva 200 million years in the past. Racing across the prehistoric land Eva and her team pursue the killer, desperately attempting to stop them from destroying the time-travel stations, not knowing that within their midst a traitor is waiting to strike.

Caught in a wild stampede, trapped between giant predators and their prey, crossing rivers home to one of the largest carnivores so far discovered, Eva’s team must break the rules that normally govern their observation of the prehistoric life if they themselves are to survive this fast paced adventure in a lost time.

The dinosaurs of the Mesozoic are dangerous but the humans are even more so.