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Peter C Whitaker

Eugenica is an exciting roller-coaster of a tale set in an alternate 1930’s world. Eugenics, the belief that the human race can be improved through the application of scientific principles to human breeding, is government policy. Brinley Valentine Husher, the Head of the Ministry of Social Biology, is tasked with improving the British race along eugenic principles.

Helene Monroe, the beautiful Deputy Minister of Social Biology, runs the Spring Bank establishment. It is intended for the care for those who do not meet the eugenic ideal. Behind its gate those unlucky enough to be taken into care are hidden from society and quickly forgotten. Grace and Tom, two young people, find themselves incarcerated at Spring Bank, their only crime being that they are different to others. To leave is impossible, to stay is to die.

As Brinley Husher hosts an International Eugenics Congress on board the airship R102, Grace and Tom look to save the lives of both themselves and their friends. Unknowingly, they leap into the middle of a secret war fought by shadowy enemies. During their adventure they encounter a beautiful woman pilot, a eugenic superman, secret agents, ministry men, an eccentric inventor, an ex- captain of infantry, and a laboratory created monster.

Wild chases by car, plane, and train follow. Terrifying fights against overwhelming odds are endured. Grace, a girl with only one hand and one leg, and her friend, Tom, a blind black boy, take on forces beyond imagination. Their story is a thrilling adventure against what might have been in the world of Eugenica, where the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

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