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The Sorrow Song Trilogy

The Sorrow Song Trilogy recounts the events of 1066 and how they changed the lives of people living in England forever.

At the beginning of the year old King Edward, later known as Edward the Confessor, died without an heir and effectively leaving his crown free for anyone to claim. The actions of the three main protagonists would plunge the Saxon world into a cataclysm that many would not survive. The story of their violent encounters is told in relation to the three great battles that occurred when the enemies met.

The Battle of Fulford Gate, frequently ignored by historians, brought the first dark clouds to the shores of England. Harald Hardrada, King of Norway, claimed the English crown, whether he had the right or not was of no concern, his will was supported by the largest Viking army ever to set foot in Britain and he had Tostig Godwinson, younger brother of King Harold of England, as an ally.

The Battle of Stamford Bridge should rate as the greatest victory of the Saxons over their bitterest enemies; the Vikings. King Harold of England surges north in the wake of the fall of York, determined to rescue his kingdom and gambling that the storms that keep the Normans bottled up in their port will continue.

The Battle of Senlatche Ridge, near to Hastings, sees a victorious King Harold fly south to meet Duke Guillaume of Normandy in what he hopes will be his last battle of 1066. Even kings should be careful about what they wish for!

Coenred, a huscarl, an elite Saxon warrior, strides over the three great battlefields of his day and weaves each story into one tale. Only recently contemplating hanging up his sword and retiring to his estate, and also having just as recently found love with the widow Mildryth, Coenred finds himself compelled by his sense of honour to leave hearth and home to take up arms again, to stand in the shield wall with his brother huscarls, against both Vikings and Normans.

With extensive research to bring the world of the Saxons to life, each book tells a thrilling tale of adventure, battles, and the worthwhile stories of common people as well as kings and dukes in a time of great danger, political upheaval, and personal tragedy. To find out more select a book and immerse yourself in a world rich in detail and characters.

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The War Wolf

At Fulford Gate the young eorls, Edwin and Morcar, choose to stand with their Saxon army against the King of Norway, the War Wolf of legend.

For Rapture of Ravens

At Stamford Bridge King Harold must rescue what Edwin and Morcar lost; the northern part of his kingdom!

The Blade’s Fell Blow

At Senlatch Ridge the Saxons make their fateful stand against the Normans in a fight that Duke Guillaume is not confident of winning.

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