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To date I have written seven novels. I do not consider myself a genre writer, that is, I have not limited myself to any particular literary category. I get ideas for stories, lots of them, and they seem to reflect my interests, which are themselves broad and far ranging. Below is a list of my books. If you would like to know more about any particular title then please click on the link and this will take you to the worlds that I have created in much greater detail.

The Sorrow Song Trilogy recounts the three great battles of 1066.

It begins with The War Wolf and the Battle of Fulford Gate.

For Rapture of Ravens recounts the greatest Saxon victory against their ancient enemies, the Vikings, at the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

The trilogy closes with The Blade’s Fell Blow and the Battle of Sentlache Ridge near the town of Hastings.

The Sorrow Song Trilogy

Eugenica is an alternate history novel set in the 1930’s. Its premise is that eugenics has been adopted as a government health policy, as many people expected that it would have been at the time.

Grace and Tom, two young people who fall foul of the new eugenic standards for health, are incarcerated in the Spring Bank facility. They quickly realise that if they do not escape then they will die. So begins an emotional roller-coaster of a dark adventure.


Mesozoic follows the trials of a group of people from our future who become stranded in the age of the dinosaurs.

The human world is recovering from an environmental disaster. Scientists travel back into prehistory to study how life survives mass extinction events.

On this trip they are joined by the next leader of their new society, but they are trapped in the Triassic Period by a murderer. Racing across an exotic landscape they must reach the last functioning time station before it is destroyed, but they have a traitor in their midst and prehistoric animals all around them.


The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom is an Epic Fantasy with a Napoleonic style.

On the Holy Mountain of Oroson women cannot hold power. Princess Saran is the last of her dynasty and her father lies on his deathbed. She will take his crown.

Against her stands the Heir Presumptive, supported by the High Priest who will not allow a woman to stand in authority over him.

As a monster kills in the shadows, an ancient race of people armed with arcane magic want their Holy Mountain back. Foreign agents plot, assassins strike, adventurers seek wealth and glory, an army invades, and a sorceress discovers her true power!

The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom

The Devil Within Us is a fast paced thriller set in 1933.

When a man calling himself Mephistopheles threatens world peace a group of agents form an alliance of expediency. Some want to stop him. Some want his futuristic weapons for their own governments. None understand that behind the mask lies an even deeper mystery.

The adventure spans the world, following the footsteps of a man called the Philosopher. Wherever he goes people disappear or die. Is anything really as it seems, however?

Join three agents, one American, one British, and one Italian as attempt to discover the truth.

The Devil Within Us

If you would like to read the first chapters of any of the above books before purchase then please click on the button below to load a PDF file in a new window.

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