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Mesozoic is a Science Fiction thriller set in the future but very much about the past. Imagine a human world that has experienced a great extinction event. Many forms of life have disappeared and civilisation as we know it no longer exists. The human population has reduced from several billion to only a few million. The surviving peoples are spread out across the planet in various locations. From this ecological and environmental ruin, a civilisation emerges. Using renewable energy Oasis cities begin to appear. Their shared society is based on reason and logic. Science gives them the ability to exploit local resources with efficiency. Slowly, they develop using old methods of communication to share their discoveries and advances. Eventually, their technology surpasses that of the people who lived before the great extinction event, the Collapse as it is known. In this new world, people can enjoy a high standard of living, free life-long education, healthcare, and employment. There is no homelessness as everyone is entitled to a house for as long as they live in the city and work for the good of everyone else. There is no poverty as money has been abandoned in favour of a resource-based economy.

The Earth is still struggling to recover, however. Scientists discover a means of time travel and send Palaeontologists back to the Mesozoic Era to discover how life recovered from previous mass extinction events. This activity is governed by the Palaeontological Time Unit and the lucky scientists who get to visit the past and see real living dinosaurs are the members of the PFTU: Palaeontological Field Time Unit.

Dr Eva Kiesler is perhaps the most famous person amongst the Oasis cities. While studying physics at university she began an acting career and quickly became celebrated for her beauty as well as her talent. She proved herself in science as well by leading a team that discovered a much more efficient way to utilise hydrogen as a power source. The gift of bountiful and easy to produce energy revolutionised the Oasis civilisation and made time travel possible in the process.

The people of the Oasis cities are all members of their local polis, the political heart of their society. There are no political parties and no one is allowed the luxury of apathy. For all its seeming brilliance there are threats to the existence of the Oasis and some of them come from within. Eva Kiesler is an active member of her polis and eventually becomes the Leader of the Assembly-Elect. She has only one request to make before taking up the position of the leader of the Oasis civilisation; she wants to see a real dinosaur. Although apparently harmless in itself this one desire proves to be the catalyst that sets in motion murder and betrayal. The actions of one person threaten to trap both Eva and the PFTU team who have accompanied her back to the Triassic Period in prehistory over 200 million years ago.

Mesozoic, a time travelling dinosaur adventure!

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