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Welcome! I am a native of East Yorkshire where I was occasionally schooled, grew up, and spent many a happy year or two. I spent two years in Gwynedd, North Wales, studying Philosophy and English Literature at Coleg Harlech. They were also, for the most part, happy years from what I can remember.

I have a wide range of interests covering the arts, science, football, food & drink, traveling, contemplating the wonder of life and trying to be a successful author. I should perhaps point out that for me success is measured in a total stranger reading one of my books and enjoying the experience, so to that end I have indeed been successful!

After a spell in Wiltshire, I have returned to my native East Yorkshire where I live with my wonderful wife, her two cats, and our son. Our daughter has grown up and flown the nest, but she’s always there when she needs us.

Please contact or follow me using the social media buttons below if you wish, I always respond. Enjoy!

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