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The War Wolf

Coenred, Captain of Huscarls, Saxon warrior, treads over the three major battles of 1066. At Fulford Gate he crosses swords with King Harald Hardrada of Norway, the War Wolf of legend.

For Rapture of Ravens

Following the fall of York, Coenred returns to fight under the banner of King Harold of England, to face once more the largest Viking army ever to set foot in England at Stamford Bridge

The Blade’s Fell Blow

Finally, Coenred follows his king south, to Sentlache Ridge, north of Hastings, to stand in the shieldwall against the Norman invaders. Three epic battles. Three epic books

The Sorrow Song Trilogy - England’s Saga of 1066
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A dystopian adventure in an alternate 1930’s world where eugenics has become a policy of the British Government. Grace, a girl with one leg and one hand, and Tom, a blind black boy, fight to survive


A time travelling dinosaur adventure. Scientists from our future find themselves stranded by a murderer in the age of the dinosaurs and with a traitor in their midst

The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom

An epic fantasy in a world where women cannot rule over men, but Princess Saran means to wear her father’s crown come what may

The Devil Within Us

A mad man threatens world peace in the 1930’s. A group of foreign agents form an alliance of expediency. A mystery takes them across the world to discover a secret that might save us all

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