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01 August 2020

The Devil Within Us has now been published! Please visit the Novels link in the menu above.

18 July 2020

Eugenica has been given a new cover. I saw this remarkable photograph of the Atlas statue in New York, taken by Stephen Rosenbach, and immediately felt that it was an image that I could use. I contacted Stephen and agreed to issue me a licence. It took a few days to get the image that I wanted, which was Atlas without the background, but I am very pleased with the end result. Have a look for yourself on the Novels link above.

20 July 2020

Welcome to my new website. I found that with a growing body of work that I needed to make some changes. It was all beginning to feel rather cluttered. This is version 6. It has many of the themes that my previous designs employed, but behind the scenes I have arranged things a little more efficiently. Hopefully, you will only notice an improvement.

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